Tuesday, 31 January 2017

I'm so excited - Part 1

Hello to you all.  It turns out that I am too excited to wait so........

Have you noticed the count down on the group wall?  Well this is what it was leading up to.

Tina and I worked on something for you all.  Well three somethings actually.  I had a marketing strategy all worked out and videos planned, but it is all taking too long and I am too excited to hold it in an longer

So I would like to present to you the first of three kits :)

This one is called
Keys to spring

In your kit you will receive a wooden frame and
 6 pages of 6x6 papers

 Four are glitter embossed (so the glitter wont come off) with a delicate all over print.  Two are double sided and one of those has little tags that you can fussy cut to add to your projects.

You will also a roll (1 meter) of pink organza ribbon, a roll (1 meter) of ivory trim, two white flower appliques, 3 bronze tone daisies, three flower pendants, a vial of light pink 2mm rhinestones and a vial of light green 2mm rhinestones

You will also receive a larger rose applique, some ecru trim, some natural cotton trim, some ivory scalloped lace and some pearl string.

On top of all of that you will also receive five bronze tone keys, four silver tone corners, ten bronze tone flower beads, a silver tone key ring charm, five silver tone flower bead caps, three silver tone HOPE charms, 50 gold 4mm flat back pearls, 50 ivory 5mm flat back pearls and 50 white diamond 4mm rhinestones.  

All this for just £12 including delivery

This kit is limited edition and will not be repeated.
There is only three of this kit available, so don't miss out.

Keep and eye out for I'm so excited part 2

Kits are available from Xanderous Crafty Stash on Facebook


  1. Wow, what an amazing set, so much content for a very reasonable price, that includes postage too. So many projects could be made from one set.

    1. Thank you Barbara. All of the kits are limited edition and will not be repeated

  2. Really good value and including shipping! Thats brill

    1. Thank you. It was so much fun to put together.

  3. I want such a kit. Can you ship to the Netherlands? What are the Costa then. Greets Joke

  4. Ladies and gents you are getting a REALLY good bargain the quality of the items is second to none and a fantastic price.... GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN xxx Tina

    1. Thanks Tina. I can't wait to start on another one :)